Clutter Clearing is a Prospering Act

September 1, 2010

“I’ve been looking for that!” Almost every client I work with utters these words sometime during our time together.  Finding a long-lost favorite blouse, an uncashed check, or even a torn-out, tantalizing recipe hidden in a stack of magazines evokes instant relief and a joyful moment.

Last week eight participants in my “Clutter Clearing is Spiritual Business!” course came together to share what had transpired during the month since our last class.  They had been clearing their clutter for two months.  Their stories not only inspired me but illustrated what a prospering act clutter clearing can be.

Prosperity is Taking Care of Yourself & Your Family 

One man had been working with mounds of stuff in his garage.  During the last month his neighborhood suffered a several-day power-outage.  If he hadn’t begun the clutter clearing process when he did, he wouldn’t have known where to look or, if he did, how to retrieve his generator that provided him and his family the power they needed.  Can you imagine how victorious he must have felt to know exactly where his generator was located and then to use it?   That’s prosperity! 

Photo by Explorer Bjorn

The same man got inspired to work outside behind his garage.  He found a multitude of scrap metal.  Expecting to sell it for $100, he walked away from the transaction $400 richer.  Wow!  The stuff we own and don’t use is worth something to someone else.  Freeing yourself from clutter like this man did can put a smile on your face, lighten your gait, and put money in your pocket.  Every time he looks behind the garage, he will not only see a clean space but remember the cash transaction he initiated by clearing his clutter. 

Prosper Yourself with Peace of Mind

Another form of prosperity is peace of mind.  One woman had been harboring bad feelings toward certain family members.  In the midst of her de-cluttering she found photos that caused her to stop and reflect on those feelings.  Was it helpful for her to hold onto those emotions even though whatever happened happened in the past?  She thought not and, thus, relieved herself of those sticky, stale feelings with forgiveness.  Forgiving others is a wonderful way to de-clutter and, in turn, prosper yourself. 

Seeing Things Differently

Photo by soulsurf

The exciting part of my work is helping people to see their stuff—and then—themselves differently.  During the course of the class a married woman started seeing her home differently.  She was feeling squeezed by her husband’s stuff; anger and resentment bubbled to the surface.  A demanding work schedule for months on end had allowed her to ignore the state of her home and, more importantly, the state of her spirit.   She began to clear her clutter, reclaim her own space, and realize she mattered.  

After six hours of concentrated de-cluttering, another client began seeing her situation differently, too.  A recent college graduate, she works in town and lives rent-free with her widowed aunt in a house conveniently not far from work.  It seems like an ideal situation until we learn the aunt keeps her clothes in a bureau and closet in my client’s bedroom and has daily access to them.  Strong feelings of wanting privacy surfaced within my client.  The clutter clearing process lanced those suppressed feelings.  She is now garnering courage to set necessary boundaries—a prospering act for sure!

Yes, Prosperity Includes Money!


Photo by fragglerawker

Whenever I see lots of coins scattered on the floor of clients’ homes, I know my clients are unaware of how prosperous they truly are.

That was the case with a client I worked with for three consecutive days.  Everywhere we turned we found money—on the closet floor, behind the television, under the bed.  By the time we were done we had filled a coffee can with coins probably worth $100.  We also discovered three fifty-dollar savings bonds tucked in an envelope and a fifty dollar bill in a Christmas card from her mother who had died three years ago. 

The simple act of de-cluttering and organizing allows us to see what we have.  In many cases, we are stunned at what we have amassed unconsciously.  Being able to take stock of it all, we make wiser decisions when spending our hard-earned money.  We see we already have five white blouses, 10 rolls of toilet paper, and three cases of Coke Cola.  We can hold off buying more unnecessary stuff. 

A Final Plug for Clearing Your Clutter

Photo by viSHal

So, if you are feeling you don’t have the time to de-clutter or money to get the help to do it, think twice.  Each one of the examples I’ve cited shows the different ways people prosper themselves.  It is a wholistic act.  It doesn’t just affect your pocketbook; it affects your heart and spirit.  It allows your spirit—one that’s been weighted down by clutter—to float to the top.  Whenever that happens, we rejoice—about ourselves, others and life itself.

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