Essential Oils and Clutter Clearing: The Process

October 13, 2010

This is the second of three articles discussing the use of essential oils when clearing clutter.  I diffuse Young Living Essential Oil blends when working with my clients.  To understand the context of this blog, you may wish to refer to my blog entry on September 27, 2010, an introduction to this series.

To clear clutter takes commitment.  When approaching the task, some folks whimsically think, “Wouldn’t it be nice if I cleaned up my place?” but clearing clutter is more than just organizing things.  It is a letting-go process with an emotional component that can surprise the best of us.  If you are not serious in making your commitment, you could get derailed at the first juncture—to keep or not to keep?   Overwhelm, emotional attachment, or the “I may use it some day” syndrome grabs you by the neck and stops you in your tracks!

Young Living's Home Diffuser

That’s why I advise diffusing certain Young Living Essential Oil blends as you begin the process.  In particular, I lean toward three blends to start:  Valor, Clarity and Forgiveness.  If you don’t have a diffuser, you will need one.  Young Living offers a variety of them.  I recommend  their Home diffuser (Code #4468) because it is quiet and not as expensive as some of the others.

Skittish or Unsure—You May Need a Dose of Courage

I have had several clients who enthusiastically sign me up to help them clear their clutter, but when the moment of truth arrives, they feel skittish and unsure.  “What have I done?  Why did I hire a professional organizer in the first place?”  When I arrive, they profess their wariness and tentatively show me the space we plan to address.  If they are open to my diffusing oils, and not all clients are, I start with Valor.  

Valor helps overcome fear and opposition.  By reviewing the four oils it comprises, you will understand why I choose it for beginning the de-cluttering process:  Spruce, Rosewood, Blue Tansy and Frankincense.  Please note:  Each oil has many physical, mental, emotional and spiritual qualities.  I am focusing primarily on the emotional and spiritual benefits as they relate to the de-cluttering process.

Colorado Spruces

Spruce brings energy in from the universe.  Animals in the wild lie down at night under spruce trees for protection, recharging and rejuvenation that the trees bring them.  Humans employ it for similar reasons.  Spruce grounds the body, while at the same time creates the emotional balance necessary to receive and give.  Some clients have difficulty receiving help at first; spruce allows the release of emotional blocks so help can be received.  And if you are clearing your clutter by yourself, the help you are asking for can come from within.

Valor’s remaining three oils ensure confidence and courage.  Even though each has a physiological impact, what I find captivating is their influence on the emotions.  Rosewood calms the mind and creates a feeling of peace and gentleness.  Blue Tansy helps rid anger and promotes a feeling of self-control.  Frankincense inspires a positive attitude.  All of these qualities are required if we want to be successful in clearing clutter. 

Clearing Clutter is Not for the Fuzzy-Minded

Jasmine Flower

Clarity, a combination of 12 oils, is my second choice because the oils it comprises are known for their ability to increase mental alertness.  Too many to list, let me highlight three:  Ylang ylang, Bergamot, and Jasmine.  Ylang ylang evokes feelings of self-love, confidence, joy and peace.  Bergamot uplifts and calms emotions to help relieve anxiety, stress and tension.  Jasmine produces feelings of confidence, energy, and optimism.  Wow! 

Don’t we all need clarity when going through our stuff?  We are obliged to be discerning:  What is valuable?  What no longer serves me?  Do I toss or donate?  If we linger over each object, we probably won’t get the job done.  The decision-making process can be enhanced using Clarity, and the dreaded sense of overwhelm is kept at bay.  I use it often with clients.

Let’s Forgive, Forget and Let Go       

For some, forgiveness is the one step needed in order to let go of stuff.  Whether it is forgiving oneself for not addressing certain issues when they came up or forgiving others for a perceived trespass or wound, freeing oneself of past hurts allows one to open the door to the present.  When that happens, the past evaporates and the de-cluttering process begins.  That’s why the Forgiveness blend is a good one to start with.

The 14 oils in Forgiveness all have powerful emotional effects that help people move past life’s barriers and bring them into a higher spiritual awareness.  They create an electrical frequency that affects the soul to a point where people are almost compelled to forgive, forget and get on with their lives.  Isn’t that why we are de-cluttering in the first place?

Sandalwood Tree

Like Clarity, the Forgiveness blend contains Ylang Ylang, Bergamont and Jasmine; however, the oil that may make the difference in this blend is Sandalwood.  This oil alleviates depression and can remove negative programming from the cells of the body.  It allows us to accept others with an open heart while diminishing our own egocentricity.  Helichrysum, another powerful ingredient, serves as a catalyst for letting go of angry feelings.  Diffusing this highly spiritual blend can help us chisel away at the crusty emotions that cake our heart and keep us stuck in clutter.  

The Power of Essential Oils is Unknown to Many

Essential oils can give you the necessary boost when facing clutter and feeling stymied or paralyzed.  Most people don’t know about them; yet those who do use them with regularity for almost any need they have.  If they are new to you and you haven’t tried them, I encourage you to make the investment in a diffuser and one or more of the oils I have mentioned. 

See how you think and feel before, during and after diffusing.  A subtle change in attitude may occur at first.  In fact, you may end up diffusing oils several times before you recognize a change in how you approach your clutter.  I suspect, however, when you do recognize it, you will be pleasantly surprised and will see the results of what you only before imagined. 

I used Connie and Alan Higley’s Reference Guide for Essential Oils to list ingredients in the oil blends discussed and to describe their qualities.  To order, click on Young Living Essential Oils’ website at  To sign up, please use my member number #303970 as your sponsor and enroller.

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