Essential Oils and Clutter Clearing: Maintenance

November 1, 2010

This is the third of three articles discussing the use of essential oils when clearing clutter.  I diffuse Young Living Essential Oils (YLEO) blends when working with my clients.  To understand the context of this blog, you may wish to refer to my last two blog entries dated October 13 and September 27, 2010. 

In my last blog I identified three oil blends that when diffused during the clutter clearing process can have a calming and uplifting affect on those doing the work.  To be successful, it’s not uncommon to experience lots of emotional heavy-lifting.  The diffused oils make it optimal to traverse the emotional and mental blocks that keep us locked into our clutter.  Many contend that once the clutter is gone, their job is done.  This assumption, however, is false. 

It takes work to maintain newly cleared space.  To keep it that way, requires changes in attitude and behavior.  Clutter, remember, is an outer manifestation of what is going on inside you.  How you approach each day is fundamental to examining your attitude and behavior. 

For example, if you are out of sorts with your boss, you may end up tossing today’s, tomorrow’s and the next day’s mail in a corner when you get home.   Having had an argument with your significant other, you may feel the urge to “shop until you drop” and then leave the unopened bag on the living room sofa for weeks on end.  Or perhaps you are so consumed by a deadline at work that you let your dirty dishes stack up in the sink. 

By not dealing directly or in a balanced way with issues before us, we begin to neglect ourselves.  We forget the commitment we made earlier to keep our space clutter-free.  Instead we let the clutter accumulate again.  It starts insidiously.  One bag begets another.  One pile attracts another.  Before we know it, we’re frustrated, frantic and fit to be tied all over again.

One way to keep balanced and on track is to diffuse essential oils.  (See previous blogs for information about diffusers and YLEO blends.)  I suggest using three blends for maintaining a clutter-free environment:  Harmony, Gathering and Gratitude. 

Stress—A Clutter Culprit

Many will point a finger at stress as the cause for our clutter recurrence.  When stress enters, our focus goes to the “crisis” at hand and how we are going to handle that—not necessarily on keeping our clutter contained or our space clutter-free.  That’s why altering our approach to stress merits attention.  Instead of resisting it, what if we welcomed it? 

The essential oil blend Harmony helps to establish and maintain a positive attitude, an important ingredient when confronting stress.  The 17 single oils it comprises reflect the complexity of the blend.  Three of Harmony’s single oils, Hyssop, Orange and Rose, underscore its unique ability to bring the body and spirit into harmonic balance.  Under stress, we might have the urge to withdraw.  Hyssop counteracts that urge; Orange promotes mental clarity and emotional balance; and Rose creates a sense of well being.  The inner harmony that this blend generates prevents us from surrendering to the battering that stress imposes.  It helps us to remember that self-care is of utmost importance if we are going to thrive in this 21st century.  

Aren’t We Really Seeking Peace and Balance?

It is so easy to get distracted these days—terrorism, the economy, our finances, family or health can rivet our attention away from ourselves and our life purpose and fracture the inner peace we are seeking.     

A blend called Gathering can keep us focused, grounded, and connected.  Three of its nine oils are spiritual and found in the Bible:  Galbanum, Frankincense and Sandalwood.  Galbanum when coupled with Frankincense enhances the connection to our Higher Power—where inner peace resides.  Sandalwood reduces tension, confusion, fear and stress.   The unique combination of essential oils in this blend helps us to gather our thoughts, so they can be focused, allowing our heart and mind to work together harmoniously.  They enable us to concentrate on our own life and avail ourselves of our best choices. 

At the End of the Day, Let’s Be Grateful!

Another way to keep our space clear of clutter is to take time to be grateful for both the tangible and intangible gifts we receive each day.  The blend Gratitude was formulated to elevate, soothe and appease the mind while bringing relief and relaxation to the body.   Taking a moment to relax at the end of each day allows for reflection and an opportunity to be gentle with ourselves.   One ingredient, Myrrh, promotes spiritual awareness and encourages us to open our heart and mind to receive gifts, while another ingredient, Ylang ylang, inspires self-love, confidence, joy and peace.  This unique blend fosters a mind-body connection that enables us to appreciate the blessings in our life.

Exposing ourselves to these rich aromas we begin to see the beauty and bounty of our surroundings.  We no longer want to ignore the mail, toss our purchases on the sofa, or let the dishes stack up.  We slow down.  We stop behaving as if no one cares.  We become conscious and we are grateful.

The Same Oils Are Found in Different Blends

It is interesting to note that the some of the same oils are found in each of these three blends.  Two in particular, Frankincense and Ylang Ylang, are found in all three and seem significant in helping us maintain a clutter-free space.  For example, many of us suffer from mental chatter.  We get so distracted by constant nattering about this and that that we lose our focus and forget our purpose.  Frankincense helps cease this chatter, increase spiritual awareness and inspire meditation. 

If left unaddressed, all that mental chatter can lead to anxiety, fear and anger.  Ylang Ylang can soothe those emotions and lift our fears.  An effective complement to Frankincense, it helps balance our male and female energies and fosters intimacy.  Clearing our clutter and maintaining a clutter-free space are intimate acts.  Many of us who have clutter have difficulty being intimate with ourselves.  Ylang Ylang creates the opening for us to meet ourselves.  If we allow that opening, we end up discovering a partner, not an adversary.  We feel empowered to stay on track.


Essential oils can enhance our clutter-clearing efforts.  Although not required to do the job, they can affect all aspects of our being—body, mind, heart and soul.  Consider them as a friend, helpmate, or companion as you begin or continue to clear your clutter.  They have the power to transform the energy of your space, your clutter, and ultimately you.  They help us remember the commitment we made to keep our space clutter-free.  They encourage us to heal and to seek the life we are meant to lead.  Isn’t that what we are here for?  Well, then, let’s get on with it!

I used Connie and Alan Higley’s Reference Guide for Essential Oils to list ingredients in the oil blends discussed and to describe their qualities.  You can order Young Living Essential Oils at  Please use my member number #303970 as your sponsor and enroller.

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