Your House and Its Numbers

April 21, 2014

The Greek philosopher, metaphysician and mathematician Pythagoras believed that each number had mystical significance. Each number is an expression of the laws of the universe. He’s known for having said, “Were it not for Number and its nature nothing that exists would be clear to anyone either in itself or in relation to other things. You can observe the power of Number in all the acts and thoughts of man.”

This concept intrigued me years ago when I read Denise Linn’s book Sacred Space. Linn is a Feng Shui expert and uses numerology to decide what apartment or home to rent. At times she has assigned so much importance to the numerology of her home that it has been the sole deciding factor in a move. When clients consult her about purchasing or renting a home, the first thing she does is to calculate the house’s numerology to see if it is in harmony with the client’s energy.

For those who are new to this, here’s how you calculate your house’s energy. Let’s say you live at 1069 Walnut Street. You first add the numbers (1+0+6+9 = 16). If the number is not a single digit, you add them again (1+6 = 7). Seven is the energy of this particular house.

Bear in mind, though, that the energy of the numbers that reduced to the Seven (1 and 6) influences the overall energy as well. The numerical interpretations in this blog are taken primarily from Linn’s book, where all the numbers are interpreted. I also refer to Teresa Michelsen’s The Complete Tarot Reader, in which she provides ideas on how numbers relate to the Tarot. They seem applicable to house energy, too.

To illustrate, I thought I would share how the numbers of the major houses where I have lived reflect the energy of my life experience there.

A Five House: 599 Whitney Avenue (5+9+9 = 23 = Five)

The essence of a Five house is active, physical, impulsive, energetic, adventurous, curious, and reflects excitement and change. This was my first home, where I joined my parents and my two older brothers—straight from the hospital. No coincidence that there were five of us. This was an exciting time for me, learning to talk, walk and test how far I could go outside my parents’ boundaries.

In traditional numerology, however, Fives represent instability and change. The change is generally not voluntary or expected. Teresa Michelsen’s interpretation is worth noting. The change that comes with Five can be “frightening, and there may be a real or perceived lack of control over the situation and one’s reactions to it.”

After five years (note the number), we moved to another house. Only in retrospect can I piece together the changes that occurred at 599. Perhaps the biggest one was that my father was ill and had to have major surgery, a colostomy and an ileostomy. I had no idea what that all meant, but I knew it was serious and I wanted him well!

A Two House: 65 Wright Lane (6+5 = 11 = Two)

The Two is all about balance, putting others before yourself, and a dynamic attraction from one to another. Linn writes, “You will be strongly tuned into the energies and feelings of the others with whom you share your home…You will find yourself standing back and tuning into situations rather than advancing your point of view.”  Michelsen takes it a step further, “In the Twos, there is interaction with others—the self versus the non-self—and decisions to be made that have long-term implications.”

Five years after we moved to 65 Wright Lane my father died of cancer. It’s significant the house was a Two because my parents were compelled to “work out” the final chapter of their relationship. I was not privy to any of that, and I only became aware of the seriousness of his illness about four months before he died. No one ever said he was dying, just that he was not well. It felt like rumbling thunder of a far-off storm. I knew something was coming, but what and when were a mystery. The tacit agreement was not to ask questions. My father’s death when I was 10 had long-term implications for me and all of my family.

A Nine House: 18 Wakefield Street (1+8 = Nine)

Within less than a year after my father’s death, my mother sold the house at 65 Wright Lane and we moved to 18 Wakefield Street. The Nine is a number of completion and of endings and release. Linn writes that “Nines are associated with culmination, finalization, wrapping up, winding down, and reflections on our accomplishments.”

It’s not coincidental that my mother chose a Nine house at this time. It is where my brothers and I spent our teen years. It was a launching pad for each of us. One by one we graduated from high school and went off to college. Right around the ninth year of living there my mother got engaged, sold the house and moved to Florida with her new husband. It was the ending of a cycle for the entire nuclear family.

After graduating from college, I moved around a bit, living abroad and attending graduate school; too many addresses to share in this blog. So, I’ll jump to one more, where I currently live.

A Seven House: 1645 Mt. Eagle Place (1+6+4+5 = Seven)

A Seven house is, according to Linn, “a sanctuary for contemplation and retreat. It is a place where you can analyze past experiences and present situations, with an emphasis on spiritual development…it is perfect for someone who lives alone, who wants to retreat and meditate and seek divine inspiration…Seven vibration contributes to intuition, dreams, visions, telepathic experiences, philosophical and metaphysical studies…”

I moved into this house in 1977 as a renter and a year later became its condo owner. It has been an amazing laboratory for my spiritual development. From here I learned about the Unity church and it’s where I’ve studied metaphysics. I now offer classes here, all of which are aimed at expanding spiritual development. I had no idea I would be doing that when I moved in.

Michelsen makes an important distinction between Five and Seven, which seems applicable here. “In the Sevens, we choose our next challenge to focus on. The concept of personal choice here is critical. In the Fives, we are faced with difficulties and challenges that were not of our own choosing, and which we are forced to deal with in order to reach the Sixes.” My father’s illness and death were not of my own choosing, while my desire to explore and develop my own spirituality was. My house number matches perfectly the vibration I seem to have today.

Numbers have a lot to say, if we pay attention to them. If you find this intriguing, I encourage you to explore the major numbers of the houses where you lived. You’ll discover their synchronicity with your own life events. You’ll get a clearer picture of how exquisitely the universe works for each and every one of us.


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