An Amazing and True Story

September 4, 2014

In preparation for my upcoming webinar, Power Up! Using Your High Vibration to Heal, I’ve been reading Gregg Braden’s The Spontaneous Healing of Belief.   He prefaces the following story with the definition of the word ‘miracle,’ as “an event that appears inexplicable by the laws of nature” (American Heritage Dictionary).

This story demonstrates how powerful our thoughts, feelings and intentions are.  Not only individuals, but a group of like-minded people with the same intentions, can create miraculous results.  To get the full impact of Braden’s story, you must read his book.

Braden and other members of his group were in Egypt on their way to Cairo from St. Catherine’s Monastery in Sinai—an eight-hour drive minimum.  In their tour bus they had to cross the Sinai Desert and pass through a series of security checkpoints.  Due to the mercurial political situation at the time, more than five Egyptian soldiers were charged with escorting them safely to their destination.  Braden writes:

After clearing the first series of checkpoints, we soon found ourselves winding our way along the brilliant white beaches of the Red Sea toward the Suez Canal.  In the warmth of the late-morning sun pouring through our sightseeing coach, I closed my eyes and imagined the same scene more than 3,000 years ago as the people of Egypt traveled a similar route to the mountain from which we were returning.  Except for the buses and the paved roads, I wondered how much had really changed.  I soon found myself in conversation with members of the our group, anticipating our entrance into the ancient chambers of the Great Pyramid scheduled for later that evening in Cairo.

After four hours the tour bus came to a sudden stop along a busy metropolitan street.  They had arrived in Cairo.  The soldiers, the drivers, and the tour guides gathered outside the bus, all with looks of consternation and puzzlement.  “Some were tapping their wristwatches and holding them to their ears to see if they were running.  Others were anxiously shouting to one another in short bursts of Egyptian.”  Braden joined them.  He knew they were precisely where they ought be on their way to their hotel in Giza.  What was the problem?  Here’s one bus driver’s response:

‘No!’  he said.  ‘You don’t understand.  We cannot be here yet!  It hasn’t been long enough since our departure from St. Catherine’s Monastery in Sinai for us to be Cairo.  It takes at least eight hours for us to make the drive under the Suez Canal, across the desert, and into the mountains.  At least eight hours.  With the checkpoints, we should arrive even later.  Look at the guards–even they don’t believe their eyes.  It’s been only four hours.  Our being here is a miracle.’

What happened to those four other hours?

Braden gives credit to the conversations that took place on the bus.  The group’s private tour inside the Great Pyramid later that evening was to be the highlight of the trip and their excitement seemed palpable.  Braden explains that while en route, members of the group saw themselves as if the event had already happened.  What sounds would they utter in the king’s chamber?  What would it feel like being inside the Great Pyramid, a monument they had only seen in movies and documentaries?

They immersed themselves and their senses in the pyramid using their imagination.  Collectively they got to a place where they believed they had already arrived.  The result:  They bypassed four hours!

Sixty people shared a common feeling and their reality changed to reflect it.  Braden adds, even those people who didn’t participate, the soldiers, the bus drivers, and the tour guides, benefited from this reality.

In short, we can create our own reality.  The group members didn’t consciously want the trip to go faster.  They simply got excited about visiting the Great Pyramid.  Sitting in their bus seats they saw, felt and heard themselves in the pyramid, as if it were already happening.  And as a result,  “Their reality of time shifted to accommodate their experience.”

Braden’s awesome illustration means we can do amazing things—like heal ourselves.  My webinar Power Up!  Using Your High Vibration to Heal sheds light on the powers within us that use our thoughts, words and beliefs to achieve and maintain optimal health.

To complement our inner work, I introduce the benefit of using 12 therapeutic-grade essential oils.  This three-part series starts Monday, September 22 at 8:00 PM and continues September 29 and October 6.  Everyone who wants to take charge of his/her health and life will want this information!  To learn more, check out my website:








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