Ask The Angels, A Technique Worth Trying

August 20, 2016

I never paid much attention to angels until I heard angel maven Doreen Virtue of Hay House fame recount an experience she had when she was with a friend, who was about to celebrate her birthday. They were browsing a collection of scarves in a small store that didn’t take credit cards. Doreen’s friend saw a scarf she loved, but the friend decided to hold off buying it.

Doreen then decided as a way of celebrating her friend’s birthday, she would buy it for her. Guess what? She remembered she didn’t have any cash. Relying on her trusty relationship with the angels, she asked for their help to seal the purchase. When she opened her wallet, there it was, just enough money to pay for the scarf, including the sales tax.

Why Not Write A Note?
I tucked that story away for several years, until a good friend of mine reminded me I could write a note to my angels. A long-time client (seven years to be exact) started to question my work. My work included bookkeeping and managing her personal files. I hadn’t changed my approach or attitude, but she had lost her husband of many years and her health was declining (she was in her eighties). Our weekly sessions together were becoming argumentative and I wondered if I should just quit.

The evening before our next appointment I pulled out a journal, poised to write. All of a sudden another situation came careening into my thoughts. Four months before I had had an automobile accident. Coincidentally it was on the way to meet with this same client. A car had backed into my car while I was stopped at a stop sign on a narrow street. The driver was making a U-turn and even though I honked, it was a second too late. The insurance company had decided I was at fault. Why? I am still unsure.

As I discussed the situation with my insurance adjuster, she suggested I submit this case to “Arbitration”—what I call the car insurance appeal board. When I asked how likely it would be to get the decision overturned, her response was, “Not likely and it will take awhile.” With nothing to lose and not feeling sanguine, I said, “Let’s do it.”

Back to My Journal
I had hardly given a thought to this arbitration case since discussing it with the adjuster, but with my journal in front of me and my pen in hand, why not write two notes? Both were addressed to the Angel of Harmony. The first one asked for a swift decision by the arbitration board. I would accept any decision they made, providing it was fair and just, but if the Angel of Harmony could do his/her best to prevent an increase to my premium, I would really appreciate that.

The second note requested a harmonious meeting the next morning with my client. I had no idea what to expect. When I arrived, she asked me to pull old files she hadn’t looked at for years. We sat together in her office. She perused her files and I did my usual bookkeeping tasks. Throughout the entire morning, in between bursts of laughter and sighs, she thanked me several times for bringing these files to her attention. They evoked wonderful memories for her. All the while, I am thanking the angels for the great job they are doing! Oh, let me not forget to tell you this: As I was about to leave, she invited me for lunch, an invitation I received only once before during my seven years of working for her.

A Few Days Later
My angel letter writing took place on a Thursday evening. The meeting with my client was on Friday. Let’s fast forward to Monday morning, when I was on my landline talking to the same friend who suggested I write to the angels. During that conversation another call came through. Since I have call-waiting, I decided I would pick up the message once we finished our conversation.

A minute later my cell phone rang. I told my friend I should probably get that call. We ended our conversation and I picked up my cell. If you are following my story, you can guess who was calling me. Yes, the insurance adjuster! She called to tell me that the board met and decided in my favor. I would receive a check within the next few days for the deductible I paid several months ago. This meant my premium would not increase.

Wow! I started dancing. In between my dance steps I bowed to my angels. Thank you for this outcome. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! The arbitration board must have met on Friday—something I had no idea was going to happen.

All this is to say that if you’ve got a puzzling problem, why not write to your angels? You can ask without writing, but since I like to receive written notes, I bet they do, too. Ask for relatively small things at first. I bet you’ll decide this is definitely a technique worth trying.

2 Responses to “Ask The Angels, A Technique Worth Trying”

  1. Jeanne Schellhase Says:

    *Hi Bev…thank you for this great piece…and also belated congratulations on your published piece “Love the One Your With”! You are a talented writer with valuable insights which have been helpful to me many times!

    I read “Ask the Angels, a Technique Worth Trying” with great interest. Recently I’ve been drawn to working with angels or spirits of higher consciousness who’ve passed on. I absolutely love your idea of writing notes because somehow communicating in thought or prayer doesn’t feel tangible. The note writing makes it feel “down to earth”, real and more concrete. Thank you!

    Also, there is a synchronicity between your post and one I read by Ellen Debenport. She’s the Unity minister who wrote “The Five Principles”. Anyways, she wrote a post on March 15 called “Wrestling with Prayer” in which she endorses a book called “Hiring the Heavens”. Rather than paraphrase her words, here’s the link to the post. You’ll see what I mean about the similarity of your post and hers.

    Bev, I’m delighted with this way of thinking about prayer as well as your inspirational new technique of writing notes! A big Thank you…great blog! 🙂

    Jeanne 🙂


    • Bev Hitchins Says:

      Thank you, Jeanne, for such a kind and thoughtful comment. I appreciate the link you sent and will definitely take time to read Ellen Debenport’s article. Angels are my constant companions and I ask for their help often!

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